About US

Neoteq Software Pvt. Ltd. is a one-stop source for custom software development, helps to digitize businesses by focusing on their business challenges, needs, and pain points and providing business-goals-oriented software solutions. We value open, honest communication and actively encourage client involvement throughout the course of a project's development.

We have always believed that happy employees translate into satisfied consumers. This means we find the best talent and make sure they stay with us.

We are a group of people with a variety of skills who create innovative and creative products and services that provide all-inclusive communication and information solutions. We offer a variety of services, including web design and development, custom web apps, e-commerce solutions, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-client(B2C) applications, managed hosting, software testing, and performance testing.

Our Vision

Our objective is to establish ourselves as a leading provider of software development and maintenance services for businesses. To accomplish this, we consistently aim to go above and beyond for our clients. Neoteq aims to create long-lasting relationships and guarantees client satisfaction.

Our Mission

We collaborate with the organisation as a technological partner to develop, design, solve, construct, and test platforms (web applications and mobile applications across many domains) from scratch. We work on an open-source stack to save costs and assist companies in meeting GTM objectives.

Team Delivery

As futurists, we consider our job at “Code Brigade” to be a calling. We believe that the keys to success are excellent leadership, forward-thinking research, continual education, dedication to client success, and a constant pursuit of quality.

Company Values


For us, a successful relationship is built on trust. Therefore, we make every effort to construct it. We value sincerity and demand it in return. We are open, yet when necessary, we exercise discretion. We feel secure enough to be vulnerable with one another, as well as with our partners and clients.


We have empathy for other people's ideas and sentiments, including their wants, needs, and inner motivations, as well as their objectives, values, and obstacles. We pay attention, try to comprehend, and respond to them. To strengthen our working connections, we're willing to adapt, hear from others, decide, and act.


Whether working on a client project or collaborating internally, we promote teamwork. Together, we create the procedures and rules, and then we adhere to them. In order to accomplish shared objectives, we put on the hat of a partner and engage, support, brainstorm, and share our knowledge and experience.


We demonstrate our talent, abilities, enthusiasm, and earnest effort by upholding our commitments and keeping our word. We work diligently and genuinely enjoy what we do. We hold ourselves responsible for completing tasks so that we can fulfil or surpass expectations.


We are always absorbing the most recent technological advances. This aids in creating a stimulating environment for creativity. In this manner, we provide important knowledge and abilities to every project. We use unconventional thinking. We don't hesitate to experiment, test out novel approaches, and modify them to suit particular requirements and objectives.